Students Life


Arrangement will be made for students in need of accommodation. We have neighbouring hostels all round our institution with just a walking distance.

Guidance & Counseling
We have a visiting Counselor who pays a visit once a month. The counselor encourages students on tolerance and self drive.

Students Outreach
We organize visits to different places, where students get more hands on practicals like Shomo Latewa and Kwale Prisons, and open market places.

We put tents and give services which are expected after advertising. Students are sent out to different busy salons in town to gain more practice.

Students also participate in social walks like Cancer awareness etc. The college is a coast region BRECASCO supporter.

Students Taskforce
We have a team of best students who rescue salon owners where need be e.g incase of total absence of staff the owner will call for the taskforce team.

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